I have known Kimba for many years, and have seen her many times for deep tissue and sports massage. She is far more than a massage therapist; she is a healer by virtue of her own inner work, alignment, and integrity. If you are stressed, depressed, anxious, traumatized or burned out, Kimba can help. She is the real deal.

– Dr. Russell Fuller
San Diego, CA

Kimba has been one of my best finds since moving to the West Coast. I have been a client of hers for close to four years. I have severe scoliosis and have had several spinal surgeries, as a result I suffer from chronic pain/ discomfort. She is a staple in my physical/mental health. She is a truly gifted massage therapist that helps me cope with my ongoing struggles with my pain management. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain would benefit greatly from her amazing massages or someone who just wants to treat themselves to a fantastic massage. I look forward to my weekly massage because she literally keeps me going. I am so fortunate to have found such a knowledge, kind and compassionate massage therapist to help me with my ongoing quest to be pain free.

– Natalie Z
San Diego, CA

I met Kimba while looking into massage therapy for stress relief and body work to help my yoga practice. Kimba provided what I was looking for and much more. Not only are her massages excellent, but she is knowledgeable about a wide range of health and spiritual issues, and incorporates it into her sessions to create a holistic approach. My yoga practice has expanded much beyond just the physical benefits of her services since starting with her. Kimba is a modern day shaman!

– Kevin C.
San Diego, CA

My journey with Kimba dates back five years. At first, I began working with her solely for massage therapy and to “feel good.” But my needs evolved as I began to see what she was really capable of. She became my stress guru, and actually helped to energize me through massage. Most amazingly, Kimba has also been a true healer for me. I developed an interconnected internal health issue a few months ago that was surfacing as severe pain along my left leg and through other physical manifestations. Through a bit of exploration, she identified exactly what the issue was and, undertook two hours of therapeutic massage and energy work. The next day, the physical manifestation of my health issue was entirely gone! And not two weeks later, the actual problem was gone as well.

I would recommend Kimba to anyone and everyone, and actually have. My fiancé, my mom and my dad have all gone to her and have raved about her work (and still do). I truly believe in her as a healer and I also love going to her simply to feel good. No doubt, Kimba has the Midas touch!

– Julia N.
San Diego, CA

I first saw Kimba because of a specific muscle injury after an accident. She did an excellent job of solving that problem, and I was impressed with both her knowledge and intuition regarding how to get it done. It may have been the first time in the history of my knotted up neck and shoulders that a painful knot actually disappeared! I continued to get massages from her one-to-two times per month, and I can honestly say she’s the first practitioner who was able to get lasting, significant results. Kimba actually helped me loosen up, feel better, and stand taller all at the same time. On top of it, she’s a fabulous person who I always enjoyed spending an hour with. I’ve since moved away, but I’d still be a regular customer if I could!

– Christie S.
Berkeley, CA

What I love best about Kimba’s massage treatments are their intuitive nature. She has a wonderful way of knowing what area of your body needs the most care and attention. Coupling that with her great skill and strength creates a massage experience like no other. Kimba has been taking care of me for years and no two massages have been the same. Her thoughtful, intuitive care has kept me on the path of wellness free of aches and pains. I cannot recommend her massage any higher, Kimba’s treatments will set a higher standard for all future massages.

– Julie C
San Diego, CA

I’ve been receiving massages from kimba twice a month for almost 5 years. She has been extraordinary helpful in relieving nerve pain associated with a neurological disorder in my lower limbs. Kimba “knows” my body and alters my massages based on my needs both physically and energetically. Kimba is consistent and always present in her work and, without fail, always gives an amazing massage. I have recommended her to many friends and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage therapist.

– Amy O.
San Diego, CA

I have been going to Kimba for massage therapy on and off for three years. Last year i started to get massages either every two or three weeks. The results are even more tangible. I have more energy. The effort that Kimba exerts in giving a firm acu-pressure massage feels like an immediate transfer of energy coupled with the beneficial effects of toxins being expelled from my body during next several days; thanks to the professional and thorough massage. My decision to get regular treatments from Kimba is the best thing I have done for my well being. I always look forward to my next appointment.

Kimba is the best!

– Imants V
San Diego, CA