Energy cultivation and applying this universal resource that we are all made up of to help others is a practice Kimba has enjoyed since before she started practicing massage. Even if you are just coming in for a massage, Kimba’s experience with energy healing may help make this a deeper, more healing experience for you than you are used to. The art of holding a healing space and running clear energy for her clients while giving them an intuitive, deep massage has become her signature appeal to those who are sensitive to this level of experience.

Kimba has been studying energetic healing since 2002. She began these studies at the same time that her dedicated Tai Chi/Chi Kung practice had reached a particular depth of experience. She immediately found the effortless flow of energy applied beautifully and naturally to healing others. She studied Energy Healing 1-3 at Self Heal School, then went on to do the Energy Healing Clinic as well as being a student aid for future healing classes. The basics of this work were cleansing chakras and auras, seeing auras and reading energies.

In the years since, Kimba’s personal meditation practice has been her tool to continue this study of the energy within herself in relation to everything around her. She spent some time and passion studying Sat Nam Rasayan with local teachers as well as with the Master, Guru Dev Singh. This is a deeper exploration of the concept of Oneness and the healing space we can enter to allow healing to occur; a natural balance through acceptance and presence. More familiar to most, Kimba was first certified in first and second degree Reiki in 2004. In 2012 she was recertified by an Intuitive Reiki Master which brought a deeper level of intuition to her work with energy, eventually also becoming certified at the Master Practitioner level. She continued her studies with intuition in a weekly group with an Intuition teacher and medium, Marisa Moris, working on opening further to the subtleties of intuition. In 2012, experience with Matrix Energetics, based on quantum physics theories and shifts in perspective to bring about change, was also added to the healing bag. But all of this is combined and let go of as Kimba finds a sacred space with each client and allows that which is in their highest and best interest to occur. Rather that is a good strong massage, nurturing care, holistic health counseling, referrals or energy work, Kimba remains sensitive to what is needed with any given individual.

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